Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yesterday Evening

We got home from work/school/daycare, and while we were waiting for the wife to bring home the milk that I needed to finish dinner, I decided to let the Boy and the Princess go outside and play in the courtyard. They were out there playing for a bit; I trust them to not go farther than I say.

After about 10 minutes, I hear some screaming. The Princess is crying, very loudly. I look through the windows and see that she has tripped in the drain in the courtyard and twisted her ankle pretty badly. I also see that the Boy is standing there next to her, just watching. I quickly slip my shoes on and go out to help her up and check her foot to make sure it's not broken, because it looked like she fell pretty awkwardly. As I find she's all right, I turn to the Boy and start going at him.

"Why didn't you help her? She was hurt and you just stood there like a jackanape!"

The Boy looked at me, and replied, "How can I be a brother, and assist her, too?"

Say it out loud.

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