Sunday, October 28, 2007


So I had my flu shot last Thursday, and apparently it worked. I've been fighting a fever, headache, burning face, and stomach ache for a couple days now, though yesterday evening was the worst. Today's not great; I've got the sweats, but I'm doing all right enough.

It's another busy day today. The wife needs her haircut still, we need a few more groceries, and we have to go to my wife's new job so she can see the commute she'll be taking. Additionally, We're going to be meeting Photog and his wife for lunch. It's been over six weeks since we've seen them, and it's time to meet up again. I'm not going to let a little fever keep us from enjoying a good meal together.

I do hope I'm feeling better tomorrow, though - I don't like working while sick, and can't afford to miss work.

The Apple is watching El Dorado right now - he loves this movie, especially the duel at the beginning. He's memorized the lines for it, which is pretty amazing for a three year old.

Time to check up on the kiddoes.

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Java said...

Hi there Stevo, Hann here from Perth.
Sorry I've been so slack and not over recently, had my own bloggy problems and been just plain busy. Uni exams lurking etc.
Here is my new blog details and .. I hope that flu symptoms stayed just that ... symptoms.