Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Additions

I'm updating my blog again. I've found a couple new blogs that I've been visiting more regularly. One of them, The Liberal Journal, is a blog I found while visiting my friend the Gun Toting Liberal. He's got some good stuff on there; stop by and check it out.

The other site I'm adding to my sidebar is not a blog, but rather the homepage for Americans United For Separation of Church and State. This is the site for the organization that has dedicated itself to one of the most noble causes in America (see if you can figure out what that is). It's an outstanding repository for Establishment and Free Exercise clause issues.

In other news, I've been enjoying work, though I would like something with a little greater sense of stability. It's nice to be able to contribute to the family fortune for a bit. Perhaps I just have to find (or start) a law firm that dabbles in topics that I'm a bit more interested in...


Anonymous said...

For my last semester, I'm planning to take:

1. A&P (Ricks)
2. Corporations (Carson)
3. Fam. Law (George)
4. Marital (Musselman)
5. Tex. Crim. Pro. (Crump)

It's all bar courses, I know, but I'm really stressed out about it. You think it's too much?

Steve said...

You are taking four classes that I took, and one that I didn't.

Perhaps the best piece of advice I got during the bar was from a lawyer I met at the Y while I was studying. He told me that the stress is more a creation of the profession, and that if you relax and study like they say in BarBri, you'll be fine. I wouldn't stress too much about the bar. You're going to be all right, because you know how to study and prepare for exams. If you can do that, you can pass next summer.

It's your last semester; take a class you enjoy, or something that you otherwise wouldn't.

While I had your first four classes, I did not have any of those professors for those classes, so unfortunately, I cannot give you too much advice for how to prepare for them.

I would say if Paulsen teaches Marital Property, take him. While he was not my favorite professor (I liked him, but he was a bit arrogant), I think he was one of the professors best suited for the subject he taught. I understand that was not true of Pretrial, but it's certainly true of Marital Property.