Friday, October 05, 2007

Some Headlines Should Never Have Had To Have Be Written

Such as this: Bush Defends U.S. Interrogation Methods.

But it gets worse. This is not the first time the President has had to defend our interrogation methods. I remember distinctly some time ago the administration vehemently denying that we torture. Of course, when it turned out that what he authorized was illegal, he then blamed Congress, saying it was unclear what was and was not allowable, and what did the word "inhumane" mean? Of course, I could be wrong, but didn't he say that? That he didn't know what torture was, but whatever it was, he didn't do it?

Back to the article linked above. It turns out that the President is again saying he doesn't torture. Well, let me be more clear - of course he doesn't torture, he's the president. He doesn't torture anything but the English Language. But members of the executive branch do participate in "harsh interrogation" as reported by a set of contradictory memos reported on by the New York Times. He then stated that those he has doing these interrogations "stick to U.S. law and international obligations." See? We have nothing to worry about. Just trust him. He's got loads of credibility. We don't need to have proof, by doing things like subjecting himself to Congressional Oversight (such as requested by Senator Levin). Besides, we shouldn't question his techniques, because, as the President pointed out it's necessary. "And by the way, we have gotten information from these high level detainees that have helped protect you." There you have it. This is the Bush Administration in one glib sentence - The Ends Justify the Means.

What a great precedent to hand down to future Executives.

No wonder American pride in America is nearing a 1970s low. Where have the leaders gone? Will we ever have another good one?

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