Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quick thoughts with random trivia

Lyndon Johnson once relieved himself on his Secret Service Agent's shoe, claiming it was his "prerogative."

In totally unrelated news, I will be going to school today to have a report card conference with the Princess's teacher. I briefly got to speak with her teacher on Monday, when we scheduled the conference, during which time the teacher explained to me that the Princess was the only child in her class nominated for the GT program (Gifted and Talented). "Academically, she's a firecracker." Unfortunately, she appears to be a firecracker in terms of behavior in class, too. It seems she has some trouble listening to the teacher, which came to a head on Tuesday, when I got called by the teacher to talk to the Princess about behaving in class. That's a rather embarrassing call to receive at work. But we had a long talk after school, and yesterday morning, and this morning, and she apologized to her teacher for her behavior, so she fixing her problems.

2 comments:! said...

Awww! Yay, Princess! All three are precocious little geniuses! Give them a hug for me.

Gramma said...

Sometimes it's hard for children to adjust to the cattke mentality of sitting quietly. We all study about how to teach individual children "where they are" and according to their learning styles, but the reality is that public education just doesn't lend itself to that. It's a shame, really, that our princess can't just be who she is. On the other hand, it will be a life lesson for her...that whole good manners thing...

And I predict that her cousin will have that in common with her.

Meanwhile, redhotmamma is absolutely right about all 3 of them--they are firecrackers in every way, and totally preciously precocious.