Monday, October 29, 2007

They don't get it. Really.

At Central Christian Church in Kansas, they absolutely believe that Christianity and America must be together. They don't get it. How badly don't they get it? This was the opening anthem at their Fourth of July Picnic this year:

"You place your hand on this Bible when you swear to tell the truth,
There's no separation; we're one nation under Him.
There are those among us who want to push Him out and erase
His name from everything this Country's about.
From the schoolhouse to the courthouse, they are silencing
His word. Now it's time for all believers to make our voices heard."

I'm not old. I'm working on middle aged, but I'm not old. Still, I've been around to vote in several elections and be denied votes under a Republican Congress and Democrat President while in the military (and have my vote not counted). I've lived near and put my feet in the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and 2 of the Great Lakes (3 if you count Lake St. Clair). In all my years, though, one thing I have yet to come across is anyone ANYONE who wants to take God out of America. I've seen people everywhere who want the Church and the State to be kept as far apart as possible, but that is not the same. Yet ignorant people all over the country don't get this. They think that by making America accessible to people of ALL faiths, you are somehow destroying what God created.

I go back to the peoples' lack of conviction behind their faith. I don't need the Government to endorse my religion to believe that it's right. And I accept that there are many ways for people to believe, and that just because it's different than mine, it's not necessarily wrong.

And that's part of why I have a hard time understanding how others can't.

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