Monday, October 29, 2007

Republicans just don't understand Compromise

How else could you explain the President's utter refusal to approve the reworked S-Chip, after Congress addressed the issues he had problems with? It's ridiculous. I understand his concept of compromise is "I want it this way, you want it that way, let's agree to do it my way," but other than showing he's a pouting crybaby when he doesn't get his way, what does this prove? He can't play the fiscal conservative card, though that's what it appears he's trying to do. He's the biggest spender since LBJ. The guy took deficit spending to new highs - I mean, we had a 500 billion dollar budget surplus at the beginning of his administration, courtesy of the big spending Democrat, and now we're what? 9 trillion? Something insanely high...

But it goes beyond just the President. One Congressperson, on Congress's floor recently said of the revamped S-Chip, "You can take horse manure and roll it around in powdered sugar, but that doesn't make it a donut." How eloquent and professional, and exactly what I'm looking for in a representative. This woman should be ashamed of herself for displaying such "leadership." Of course, opposing a program that the majority of her Constituents want is not exactly the best way to win re-election (I'm basing this on conjecture - 70% of the country supports expanding this program, so it's a good bet that a majority of her district supports it, as well), but that's not important - loyalty to the party should trump all. That's the Bush legacy.

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jae said...

Your recent sweeping generalizations have been disappointing from someone as intelligent and well-writ as you've been. Especially since a good chunk could be attributed to either end of the political spectrum.

Your blog, your opinions-- I respect that. I just can't help but notice the drastic change in tone lately.

Hope everything is alright and know I'm keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers.