Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Perhaps it wasn't an activist decision...

I have said constantly that I thought the President's Domestic Surveillance Program was illegal. I thought it violated the Constitution, and I disagreed with its implementation. I know I was not the only one to think that, but I didn't realize that there were members of the President's staff who thought so as well. Jack Goldsmith, the former head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel told the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday that there were certain aspects of the Terrorist Surveillance Program "that I could not find the legal support for." I first read about this at Jonathan Turley's blog - Turley is a professor of law at George Washington University.

This is stunning, in part because it suggests that the President was so intent on putting his thumbprint on America that he was willing to disregard the Constitution in the name of "security." This is serious, and if the President insisted on implementing a program that was illegal, then that should account to an impeachable offense - Congress needs to look into this.

But I'm skeptical that they will.

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