Monday, October 08, 2007

Maybe part of the problem is...

That this month starts my fifth year in Houston. There have been only two periods in my life where I've lived in the same place for longer than three years; both up in Washington when I was a child.

I keep trying to convince myself that I want to settle down, but I think there's a transient nature I picked up growing up that gets me wanting to move. Maybe I'm feeling like it's time again.

The irony is that I do have some anxiety when I move. Go figure.


Kirsten said...

I understand that, hence, my latest conundrum. Last time I lived in Houston, I changed residences every year. It's just a lot harder with three kids, school systems, daycares and all our stuff.

Gina said...

I think that just means you should move. You can stay in Houston but find a new house/apartment. That is what we have been doing here in WA. I too was really transient growing up, I find it very hard to stay in one place for too long, just seems wrong!

Anonymous said...

If you move somewhere, move somewhere cool...and where things are within walking distance. That way, I have an excuse to go there.


Steve said...


Walking distance? Like New Orleans? although, if I live there, then I'll know how to get places and won't have to rely on "it's near that building," when we're less than a block away.

I never did eat there.