Sunday, October 21, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

I'm not sure the kids have stopped moving yet, and they're in bed. The in-laws came down to visit; they arrived on Friday and will be here through Tuesday. It's going to be interesting for me, working while they are here, instead of studying.

Friday, we had the traditional dinner at Fuddrucker's - something we do whenever family comes to visit. Yesterday, we took the family out to Dewberry Farm. This is a great outing for the family. There's a corn maze, a little "fort" for the kids to play on, corn cannons, a petting zoo, Hay rides, etc. all on a working farm. The Boy had a great time, though he promised he wouldn't. The grandparents liked it, as well, particularly the shredded beef sandwiches and chips. I'm still waiting to have the jarred apple cobbler - I will let you know how it tasted.

Today was a little less busy. We watched some football, and then we went to Bubba's Texas Burger Shack for some Buffalo burgers. Not Buffalo as in Spicy (though there was a little kick in there, not much), but Buffalo as in Bison. Leaner than Chicken or Turkey, with more protein and flavor than Beef. Can't be beat. It's particularly fun to watch The Boy eat his, because it's bigger than his mouth, and a little messy, so we see it all sliding down through the bottom of the bun. Fortunately, I had the foresight to insist he keep the wrapper on the burger, so we didn't have drippy shirt Boy in the car.

Then we got home for some quiet time - the grandparents and the wife were a little tired, and I was my usual grumpy self. The kids decided this was high time to start seeing how long they could continue to move while maintaining a net volume greater than Times Square on New Year's. This continued for a mere five hours, with a brief pause in the festivities for dinner, until we got them in bed, where they're "asleep" right now.

Tomorrow is Bulgoki night; another traditional meal when family comes, because I'm the only one in either family that knows how to make it.

I need to learn how to make Kimchi.

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