Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Separation of Church and State

From Lenni Brenner's book of writings from James Madison and Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison, Last Annual Message, December 3, 1816:
And I may not be allowed to add to this gratifying spectacle, that I shall read in the character of the American people, in their devotion to true liberty, and to the constitution which is its palladium, sure presages that the destined career of my country will exhibit a Government, pursuing the public good as it's (sic) object, and regulating its means by the great principles, to which they are so well allied; a Government, which watches over the purity of elections, the freedom of speech and of the press, the trial by Jury, and the equal interdict against encroachments and compacts,, between religion and the State; which maintains inviolably the maxims of public faith, (emphasis mine) the security of persons and property, and encourages, in every authorized mode, that general diffusion of knowledge which guarantees to public liberty its permanency, and to those who possess the blessing, the true enjoyment of it.
These contemplations, sweetening the remnant of my days, will animate my prayers for the happiness of my beloved Coutnry, and a perpetuity of the Institutions under which it is enjoyed.

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