Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Newest Fear-mongering Campaign from the Right and the Media

Glenn Greenwald puts his two cents in here. In a nutshell, the Right is arguing that if we close Gitmo and move the terrorist suspects to stateside prisons (you know, the maximum security kind that hold domestic terrorists, Jose Padilla, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, Zacarias Moussaoui, etc.), then these locations would become terror targets, and that the communities don't want to have to live next door to their ilk.

Key quote, as I read at the Daily Dish:
If it were really the goal of Terrorists to attack American prisons where their members are incarcerated and if they were actually capable of doing that, they already have a long list of "targets" and have had such a list for two decades. If U.S. civilian courts were inadequate forums for obtaining convictions of Terrorism suspects, then the above-listed individuals would not be imprisoned -- most of them for life -- while the Guantanamo military commission system still has nothing to show for it other than a series of humiliating setbacks for the Government. As is true for virtually every fear-mongering claim made over the last eight years to frighten Americans into believing that they must vest the Government with vast and un-American powers lest they be slaughtered by the Terrorists, none of these claims is remotely rational and all of them are empirically disproven.
But then, it's not really about security, it's about posturing.

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