Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She Wasn't Qualified

It shouldn't surprise anyone to hear that Caroline Kennedy is reportedly dropping her name from contention for New York's vacant Senate seat. Rarely has someone this manifestly unqualified been seriously considered for the position. Seriously. If her last name wasn't Kennedy, would anyone have given her any serious consideration?

3 comments:! said...

I don't know, Steve, she's definitely as qualified is many other Senators or Senate hopefuls. And name recognition gets you very, very far in politics, no matter what your experience. That and money. How do you think we ended up with the guy we had as president for the past 8 years?!! said...

Okay, I had to do a little research and then come back to this entry because I had a nagging question: Why don't you think she is qualified? I confess that I didn't know much about her, except as JFK and Jackie O's daughter. But she's got a JD from Columbia, top of her class. She's an attorney, writer and editor so she's definitely qualified to draft legislation. She's served on numerous nonprofit boards, so she's got networking skills and fundraising skills. Not to mention a penchant for public service, including work to fund public schools. She was raised in a political family, so she knows the game. She's articulate and has a nice public presence. I think she's more than qualified! What more do you want?

Steve said...

When asked about her qualifications, she neglected to mention any of that. Rather, she mentioned that she has written about the Constitution and raised her family.

Look, I've said it before - if she wants to run for Senate, then she should enter her name and campaign in an election to be voted. If she does that and gets elected, great. But to ask for a placement in Senate based solely on name recognition is wrong.

It reeks of hypocrisy to argue that Palin was unqualified (and I think she was way over her head in running for VP) and then state that Kennedy is very qualified.