Friday, January 30, 2009

Separating Church and State

DB was kind enough to link to my recent post regarding a private Lutheran School's right to expel students based on their (the students') sexuality. In that post, he also linked to an article posted by PhillyChief that addresses an ACLU case that is going forward. The school is denying the allegations, but essentially, the ACLU is saying that the school is seeking volunteers to lead prayer services, encouraging the children to dress in religion-appropriate outfits (uniforms?), and has issued a handbook instructing the staff to not discuss what goes on at the (publicly funded) school.

The ACLU is filing suit on 1st Amendment Separation grounds, and if the allegations are correct, then this is exactly what the ACLU should be doing - and demonstrating several things public schools should NOT be doing. I will be interested to see how this turns out.

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DB said...

I hope the issue Philly Chief highlighted turns out to be as accurate as the ACLU says. Maybe it will ring a bell for the religious right when they see the negative side of this issue. I think it has to be appealed a few times and become a national issue for anyone to notice though.