Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things That Confuse Me

The NBA All-Star starters were named today. The eastern all stars include Dwight Howard (no surprise, clearly the best big man in the east right now), Kevin Garnett (I'm still not a fan, but don't disagree with this pick), LeBron James (duh), Dwayne Wade (the guy has talent, family issues aside), and ... Allan Iverson?

The same guy who was traded to a perennial Eastern Conference favorite and brought the stats of ALL the other starters down? He's an all star?

I've not been a fan of Iverson's ever since his famous "Practice" press conference - the same year that Steve Yzerman had an osteotomy, a surgery to straighten his thighbone, and played in 16 games. One of the reasons is because I've seen him as one of the prime examples of "I've gotta get mine, so I can get paid" players in the league - the guy who will sacrifice his team's success for his own well-being. The problem is, teams don't play better with him. Denver didn't. Detroit is clearly worse with him than they were without him.

Iverson isn't a superstar. He's not an all-star. He's a talented one on one player who doesn't understand that his role needs to change, not the role of those around him. Look at the constant, and find the one variable.

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