Sunday, February 04, 2007

10th amendment issues

Maine was the first to issue a resolution opposing the Real ID Act of 2005. Several other states quickly followed suit - Georgie, Wyoming, New Mexico, Vermont, Montana and Washington all rejected it.

I oppose this Act, in part because of 10th amendment issues - state's rights. I also oppose it because of the rashness of it - conceding to federalism under the terrorist scare. Our Constitution was written to limit the powers of the Federal Government, to keep it from becoming too strong. Yet, we have stretches, where the Federal Government tries its best to take control of issues that are fine staying with each individual state. I favor smaller government, which would mean that I oppose acts that would pass more control to the Federal Government, which means that I oppose the Real ID act - it's unnecessary, and insulting to the states to suggest that they can't be trusted to regulate something as small as an ID card.


Jamie said...

Ah ha! I found your blog. It's way too serious. More Jessica Simpson and less Constitutional Amendments is what I say. See you in National Security.

Steve said...

Welcome aboard, Jamie.

Are you going to the discussion thing tomorrow?

Jamie said...

I dunno..are you? I'm still debating.