Saturday, February 10, 2007

Criminal Trial Advocacy

I will be playing the lawyer again on Tuesday. The exercise this week is expert witness testimony. I know we're the plaintiff, and I think we're trying to establish that the drowning was murder, not an accident. The expert is a medical examiner who will be testifying on the expert work product that was produced by a different medical examiner.

There will be 3 of us on the prosecution team - myself and the two minitrial prosecutors from the first minitrial.

My minitrial partner will be doing voir dire in three weeks with the minitrial prosecutors from the third minitrial; I think I am the more fortunate of the two. Jury selection is a valuable skill to have, but I have already sat in on it once for a Courts Martial, so I'm looking forward to doing the direct and redirect of the expert witness.

Time to get back to work.

2 comments:! said...

I'm doing what? Is this what I get for missing class? I got stuck doing all the stuff you didn't want to do?

Steve said...

Don't be so paranoid, RHM. You're doing the stuff Professor Moses didn't want me to do.

Actually, he suggested that since I was the one who was present, that it would be best for me to go this week, as I could plan to get together with team 1 (Anthony and Son), and then you'd have time to prep for week 7.