Thursday, February 22, 2007

I hate CSI Miami

At one point in time, I enjoyed watching it because it was bad. Now, it's just bad. The crimes are too ridiculous to consider viable, and the solutions are almost as laughable.

The dialogue seems like an afterthought, as though the producers (thank you, Jerry Bruckheimer) said "let's get some good special effects going here, oh, but they need to say something." Cheesy one-liners by David Caruso with his insanely stupid sunglasses, unlikeable characters, convenient "brainstorming" sessions, where one of the members seems to be an expert on whatever unbelievably obscure situation exists (non-native tree leaves, for example), even more convenient SINGLE HAIR OR FINGERPRINT SAMPLES that get through DNA testing or other matching in about 25 seconds, not to mention all the blatant 4th, 5th and perhaps 6th amendment violations.

I'm actually upset now, just thinking about that stupid, stupid show.

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Weary Hag said...

haha ... This post caught my eye, Steve. Ed and I have watched it for years but more for the comedic value than anything else. Now that we view it as a comedy, we can actually get a kick out of it sometimes.
Two things we have observed over and over again ... apparently it's impossible for David Caruso's character to stand any way but sideways (with his dark glasses on) in order to use cliche's or make a point of any sort ... and nobody in Miami seems to mind the fact that search warrants apparently aren't needed there. The latter really pisses Ed off every single time!