Sunday, February 18, 2007

Family Update

I'm still alive and well; I've got an internship at a bank as a Contracts Analyst, which potentially could possibly maybe lead to full time employment with the bank if they decide to open a permanent position and would like me to fill it, maybe.

The wife is working hard; and still does the bulk of the laundry (I help around with other things but have proven to be more harm than good with respect to laundry). I think she's pretty much ready to have a husband who's NOT in law school for a change. She needs a trip to a spa.

The Boy has his benchmark tests at the end of this month... the scores on the benchmarks and TAKS testing for caucasians in his school have dropped over 30% since last year, while scores for the other demographics have improved about 5%, give or take. Just something my wife noticed. Thank goodness for No Child Left Behind. Actually, The Boy has only missed one benchmark question this year. He's smarter than NCLB would like.

The daughter got a fat lip today. She fell and bit into her lip as she hit the back of my chair. She's tough, though. Can't faze her with a little blood (ok, she cried a lot, but she got over it). She also got new shoes today, so she's happy.

The little boy used the potty 3 times today. This is cause for celebration. He also watched Monk about 30 times (he starts it then goes and plays). Right now he's playing Harry Potter with his brother. It's cute.

The cat peed on my jacket today. She pooped on the landing last night. She peed on something else yesterday. I changed the cat litter yesterday morning. I think it's time to change the cat.

That's all - goulash is almost done. Talk to ya later!


Cassie said...

oooh now I'm craving ghoulash!

Michelle said...

Congrats Steve, great news re position at the bank, well done!
Glad the family is well :o)

Gramma said...

Goulas sounds so good...yum. And congratulations on the little one's pottying--no small accomplishment, as I tell myself every time I make it to the bathroom on time...

Gramma said...

Faborite is another way of saying favorite. Why don't you fix my mistakes instead of pointing them out to the world? Let me think of some of your typos...well, I can't think of any, but I'm sure they're there. Hmphf.

Hann said...

Whoo hoo, congrats on the job mate!
Fingers crossed it's a full time soon.
This post was just too funny, made me smile.
Are you guys in the mids of toilet training too? My little man is 2 in March and then it's gonna start for us here too. Any tips?

JMJanssen said...

Congratulations on the internship!