Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Aliiiiiive!

I got my new A/C adapter. I'm back in business.

Strangely, the woman who backed into me has not been seen (ok, not strangely, but expected)

Still no GI bill.

Start work tomorrow.

gotta figger out dinner for tonight - I'm thinking cheeseburgers.

I hate my car.


Kirsten said...

I hate your car, too, especially with that ugly cracked bumper. I mean, really, who would be caught dead riding around in that thing!! said...

Great! Now you can get the latest internet gossip about bimbo celebrities to post about on this blog. Get to work!

I can't believe our school & this GI bill thing. Actually, the sad thing is I can believe it. Notice how they haven't gotten our tax forms out to us yet? The 10-something or other. Yeah, well my co-worker asked about it & apparently it was just another lazy administrative person who just "hadn't gotten around to it." Nevermind that there's a Jan. 31 deadline. It's just our federal income taxes. No biggie.

Hannelie said...

LOL, but it does take you from point A to B!! My '85 van still goes but leaking gearbox oil lately :(
We had burgers last night for dinner, great minds think alike, and drive the same cars?? LOL
Thx for the new url Steve and dropping by!