Monday, February 12, 2007

We fear change

We're getting new Dollar Coins. And apparently, we still don't like them. Why? Because.

I honestly have no idea why we are so reluctant to use dollar coins. They cost less and last longer than dollar bills; they don't tear up; they are almost always going to be accepted in vending machines (once we change the vending machine coin slots)...

Perhaps the problem is that Canadians have been using them for years already. God knows we can't ever do anything that appears to be following what someone else does - it's an affront to our sovereignty. Kyoto? Hell no. Trade Unions? Hell no. UN? Screw them; Americans know best what's best for the world. But back to the Canadian dollar coins... why should we do what Canadians do? They negotiated NAFTA provisions that protect Canadian culture, yet did nothing to ensure the protection of our culture. What culture do Canadians have, anyway? Why should we bother copying something from a nation that is so afraid of getting real culture that they negotiated accords keeping our culture from them? We shouldn't.

But seriously, is there really any REAL reason for rejecting dollar coins?


janet said...

I have no real input into this except to say that they just never seem like 'real' dollars.

Which is a statement that has no redeeming value other than to further maintain the status quo :)

JMJanssen said...


Jamie said...

The real reason for rejecting dollar coins is that they suck.

It is not a Canadian-phobia reason. Dollar coins are bulky and heavy and it's harder to carry a bunch of them around. It's ok to mint them as long as you keep the paper bills too.

I could talk about the advantages to paper bills for the Don Juan's we passed on our way to Baccos, but I'll refrain.

Steve said...

Jamie, you can spend all the dollars you want at Don Juan's; I won't stop you. But inasmuch as I do not provide such establishments with patronage, I can safely say that while you may appreciate the benefit of such differentiation, I would not.

Hannelie said...

You sound very much like a lawyer in that last comment you left for Jamie!
Any how, we have $1 and $2 coins in Aust, the paper bills start at $5 and it does make your wallet a bit more bulky but we are so use to it any way, our vending machines and parking ticket machines all except them.