Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Exercise in Futility

I had the heat on in my car this morning because it was cool (spring-like weather for the rest of the country, but cold for Texas - 40 degrees). I had the heat on from the moment we left to take the kids to school until the moment I returned sans kids. I then got out of the car. The temperature was warmer out of the car than it had been in the car with the heat running for half an hour.

I hate my car.


English Professor said...

So how long before you can replace it?

Bright side: you live in Texas, not Minnesota.

Steve said...

Yay! EP commented again!

It looks like I'll be getting a new (used) car in the next month or so from my wife's grandmother's estate.

I think the heater works in that one. I also think it has rear window defrost, upholstery on the ceiling, and a stereo, but I'm not sure