Saturday, July 15, 2006

Birthday Dinner

I recently turned 32. We decided to go out for dinner tonight to celebrate, since we had a little too much going on on my birthday to go out then.

We like going out to eat, because it gives the daughter an excuse to use a new bathroom. It's pretty much a given that when we go to a restaurant, the daughter will have to use the restroom. Even if she goes right before we leave (we've specifically sent her to the bathroom right before we left before), as soon as we sit down at the restaurant, she's got to use the potty. there must be something rather exotic about the ladies' rooms at Logan's, Fuddrucker's, Cliff's, Mama's Cafe, James Coney Island, etc.

Anyway, we went to a dinner, and for whatever reason, I ordered a salad. I can't say as I remember ever ordering a salad at dinner before, except at the chow hall... And I enjoyed it.

I hate growing up.


Michelle said...

Happy belated Birthday Steve! Just think, in 10 years you'll have caught up to me! Except i will be 52 then depressing :(

Gramma said...

Happy Birthday to my fine young son. I am so proud of the man you are, and the daddy you are. And when I come to visit, you make me feel like a queen (with all the royal foods: diet coke and potato chips). I did notice, on this visit, how immediate is the reaction: as soon as her little bottom hits the seat in the restaurant, it seems to stimulate her bladder. And yet she can last for hours at home and never go near the bathroom. Although, unlike her older brother, she does not announce to the restaurant crowd, "I used the urinal!"