Sunday, July 16, 2006


My wife and I believe in teaching proper nutrition. However, we know how reluctant children are to listen to their parents when their parents are right (yet they always remember when parents are wrong). So, we have stumbled upon the Reverse Psychology method to teaching nutrition.

The plan is this: We give the children all sorts of junk to eat. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, deep fried cheese and doughcicles, etc. for each meal. Then, we order healthy-ish, and let them "snack" on our "treats." Then, for snack time, instead of candy, chips, etc., we "let" the kids have a treat by giving them peas or green beans.

Children love anything they think is a treat, and they have a natural aversion to anything you put in front of them. I think we've stumbled onto a winner!

(note: the preceding was mostly untrue and recited for humor purposes, only. However, my children do enjoy snacking on frozen peas)


Papamoka said...

Been there and done that too Steve. Little buggers raided the cabinets for any junk they could find. The found the stash of frozen chocolate chips that the wife put in a tupperware bin in the freezer. Yup, gone but they did put the lid back on the empty container and put it right back in the back of the freezer.

This is what we do now. We keep plenty of apples and oranges and grapes and those baby carrots in the house. Apples and oranges out in the open where they can reach them easily. If they ask for it or grab one without telling isn't a big deal and it is good for them.

The only draw back to this plan is the four year old and the two bite apples she tends to hide all over the house. Ya, found the last one by searching for the remote in the cushions of the couch. Don't even try to imagine what I grabbed!

Keep trying though...

Hannelie said...

Carrot stick does it for my kids too here. Fruit is freely available, even when I dish up the other night and my son grabbed an apple I thought Oh well, it's good for him. LOL