Monday, July 24, 2006

What if he attaches a signing statement to this?

Senator Spector announced that he plans to have a bill put together by the end of the week that would allow Congress to sue President Bush in federal court. This comes on the heels of an ABA committee determining that the President's use of signing statements amounts to a sidestep of his Constitutional duty to sign a bill, veto it, or take no action, according to this Yahoo! article.

Now president Bush is not the first president to use signing statements, but he has issued some 750 of them during his presidency, and unlike many of his predecessors, his signing statements essentially say "I want this to be the law, but it won't apply to me." I think it's egregious that this has come to such a point that some people in Congress feel they have to pass a law to sue the president to make him obey the Constitution. The President should be limited, and should know that he's limited, in power, not keep trying to add a little more to his playbook. Good for Senator Spector. Bad for President Bush.

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