Thursday, July 06, 2006

I agree

The president is reportedly looking for international support in his condemnation of North Korea's missile launches. He said that any attempt to gain concessions from the launches would be rebuffed.

Now, this is not new for North Korea. Whenever they want more without having to work for it, they stir up controversy. Why not? It's worked so well in the past. The country cannot survive by itself. I think the president is right in looking for more international cooperation in this matter; perhaps he's learned that he needs the international community to be with him. If so, I applaud him. Good job on this one, President Bush.

I also think that the best thing the world can do for North Korea is to cease all aid to the country; let them implode. The people believe that their government is giving them all they have, and they believe the rest of the world is worse off than they. Take everything away, let the people revolt, then go in and assist them. Or, take everything away, wait for the country to explode, and then overthrow the country and reunify the peninsula.

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Hannelie said...

I've read a book Mao's Last Dancer and was even amazed with that as well how communism worked there. I agree! Poor people..but scary dictator!