Sunday, July 09, 2006

It could trigger war!

North Korea's envoy to Australia warned that international attempts to halt its missile production could lead to war.

"It is a lesson taught by history and a stark reality of international relations, proven by the Iraqi crisis, that the upsetting of the balance of force is bound to create instability and spark even a war," (the envoy) Chon said. North Korea "will have no option but to take stronger physical actions of other forms, should any country dare take issue with the exercises and put pressure upon it," he added.

Now remember, we invaded Iraq for keeping WMDs and not allowing inspectors in. They defied us and we had to punish the regime. North Korea is doing the exact same thing, and the president is trying to do what he should have done with Iraq, gone in with the international community and put up a united front. However, the president's reputation, both domestically and internationally, has been damaged pretty good. Now the question is "why don't you do what you did in Iraq? North Korea is begging for it." Indeed, the Chonger has a human rights record that is darker than Hussein's. He uses threat of force as a bargaining tool. His country so believes that everyone else is as bad off as they are that they can't conceive of how well off their brothers and sisters in the South are. They are taught that Yankees are bastards who eat Korean babies. They have shooting ranges on the highways, where the people are obligated to get out of their vehicles (understand only the privileged get vehicles) and unload a clip at the silhouettes of the Imerialist Yankees. This country teaches and breeds hate in order to continue to survive, and we continue to allow it.

Kim Chong Il needs to be overthrown.

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