Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday is Haiku Day

Every bag of chips
has one potato chip that's
shaped like Ohio.

OK, now it's your turn.


nuje said...

I spent one winter
In that cold state Ohio
Warmed myself with beer

Hannelie said...

...I don't drink beer
don't even go near
but let me let rip
that a chip on a long trip is always a ...winner!

your turn....

Gargoyle said...
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Gargoyle said...

In every pack of NutriGrain, there's a brick that looks like ET. In every toaster on the west coast there's a slice which looks like the virgin Mary. In every town in every state, of every country in the world there's some computer geek who thinks they should put these items on Ebay. There must be a million bricks of NutriGrain, slices of toast and potato chips being transported in bubble wrap all over the globe. Oh, to be a weavel! What marvelous voyages I would go on. What wonderful adventures.