Friday, July 21, 2006


Are things as they appear between Israel and Lebanon? I understand Israel is attacking Lebanon to strike at Hezbollah, but with the technology that Israel possesses, one would surmise that it would be possible for the Israeli forces to not inflict substantial civilian casualties.

Word on the street is that the news regarding the extent of Lebanese Civilian Casualties is not being accurately reported in the West, and that Israel is really striking rather wantonly. But that's a rumor for now.

Would Israel at any point be looked at as an aggressor, as opposed to "hitting back?" Is Lebanon a country in a no-win situation? They couldn't contain Hezbollah (not a wouldn't, a couldn't), and are ill-equipped to fight against the might of Israel. Do we think less of these casualties on account of their being "them?" Did they ask for it?


nuje said...

Are you playing devil's advocate...again?

Steve said...

I'm asking questions. I just don't know that the whole story is out yet. I'm not condemning Israel, and I'm not defending them, either. Nor am I doing either for Lebanon.

I'm just pondering, is all, Nuje

nuje said...

You like to play devil's advocate so much that I never know. I think it is about time Israel start wooping up on those thugs. It's sad about the always is.