Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The daughter is sick

She woke up today with a headache. So we went downstairs and got some Tylenol for her. This caused the little boy to get upset because I didn't give him Tylenol as well. Then I made breakfast for the kids. Oatmeal for the boys, and scrambled eggs for the daughter, who ate about 1/3 of it. The boys each only had about 1/3 of their oatmeal, as well. I don't give them treats, so I'm not sure why they decided not to eat breakfast, but, I had to dump the oatmeal, because there are few bonds in the world more powerful than dried oatmeal on a bowl.

The daughter then informed me that she needed some chocolate milk to feel better. She didn't ask me, she informed me. When I said no, she gave me a very clear medical diagnosis, "but I need it to feel better, it's ok." She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and I think she's got the tone to do it.

A little while later she comes up to me with a Coca-cola. "Here daddy, I brought you a Coky-cola!" I declined, inasmuch as I already had a Coke sitting next to me. "It's ok, daddy, you need it. I'll give it to you and you can have it after you finish that one!" How do you say no to a 4-year old who speaks so enthusiastically? So I let her put it on the table. Then, to ensure that I need the new Coky-cola, she magnanimously offers to finish my other Coky-cola. What a sweetheart, always looking out for my best interests, and putting others first. Who else would be so selfless as to finish one's Coky-cola so they could have another one?

She's feeling better now.

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Gramma said...

Poor baby. You know it had to be a sacrifice for her to finish your coky-cola. Maybe she really will be a doctor, she has the self-sacrifice part down pat.