Thursday, July 27, 2006

Potentially disgraceful

Floyd Landis won the Tour de France, in an amazing race. Many people had all but written him off, yet, somehow, he managed to emerge victorious. This was a great moment for U.S. cycling, who had an apparent heir to Lance Armstrong.

But hold the phone. Floyd Landis' team, Phonak, confirmed that he tested positive for excessive levels of testosterone. The positive test came after stage 17, where Landis dropped to 11th in the standings, and moved up to 3rd in the next race.

The world is still waiting for the "B" test to come back, but as it stands, Landis has been suspended by his team pending the results of the backup test.

For his sake, I hope that his test comes back negative. For cycling's sake, I hope the test comes back negative. I'll reserve any condemning until then.

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