Sunday, July 09, 2006

Overuse is bad

Bookworm recently posted on a commercial she had come upon in which the purpose was to try to sway African-American voters from the Democrats. The methodology used was to compare the Democrats with Hitler and the African Americans with Jesse Owens. The alleged snub in the 1936 Olympics (which did not happen as it was reported) notwithstanding, Bookworm objects to the comparison of the Democrats to Hitler. Her rationale is that the overuse of the comparison of anything with which one disagrees to Hitler dilutes unacceptably the depths of the atrocities committed under his name. She asserts that the comparison to Hitler should be reserved for the most heinous of situations, citing Pol Pot, and Ahmadenijad (sp?).

I agree. There is no call for comparing Democrats to Hitler anymore than there would be comparing Republicans to Stalin. Hitler was evil, but that doesn't mean that all evil is Hitleresque. And using the comparison for political purposes is absolutely reprehensible, in my opinion.

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Bellejar said...

Your right it is overused and trivializing to what really happened.