Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Essay Question

Your Essay Question is as follows:

Is President Bush an example of the Peter Principle as applied to world politics?

Remember to support your answer. Grades will be arbitrary and capricious. I'm looking for the best answer, not the right answer.


English Professor said...

LOL. I am forcing myself not to answer, as I simply MUST put my nose to the qualifying exams grindstone. I will come back and read others' submissions, though.

Gramma said...

King Bush is an example of the Peter Principle as applied to anything. The man is dumb like a fox. He is just itching for another fight somewhere. Yesterday I heard him say that no one can defeat the US Armed Forces. I sure hope we have some better choices next time around.

Weary Hag said...

Bush is a foo. (street talk for "fool")

In support of this statement, I give you the past 5 years worth of political shenanigans.

(I sincerely hope you are curving this grade)