Monday, February 20, 2006

Ringy Ringy

Today, as I was going to my car after class, I saw a homeless man. He was leaning up on the fence that surrounds the student parking lot, his bag hanging from one of the bars. That in and of itself is less interesting as the fact that this homeless man was talking on a cell phone.

Now I know that they make all sorts of inexpensive deals on cell phone plans these days, and just about everyone has one. Yet, I couldn't help but wonder, who this man had to talk to that was so important he needed to carry a cell phone?

We truly are a wired world, aren't we?


Cassie said...

How do you know he's homeless? And the phone could possibly have been stolen or he may have found it.

Michelle said...

Not surprised on this one. You can get cel phones for free here, just pay $5 for your calls.

Bruce said...

Cell phones make a lot of sense, if you don't have a home phone.

It does seem incongruous to me, too; but that's because I grew up in an age when cell phones were an expensive luxury - not something you'd expect a homeless person to be able to afford.