Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday is Haiku Day

"I'd love a cookie"
From Lord of the Beans is my
Children's new fave quote.

I'm looking forward to your contributions. The above line is in a Veggie Tales DVD they got for Christmas, which they adore.


Kirsten said...

A pirate once said
his favorite pet
was an aaaaartic aaaardvark.

(OK, I took a little creative license on that one.)

Cassie said...
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Cassie said...

If my lips moved to
Duluth, left a mess and took
my tooth, I'd be mad.

(written by Larry C., arr. by Cassie P.)

Gramma said...

They like Veggie Tales
Gramma really loves 'em too
Something we all share.

English Professor said...

He said to her he'd
Like a cheeseburger, and he
Might like a milkshake

(as well).

Written by Mr. Lunt, arranged by EP.

Cassie said...

I can relate to
Poor Mr. Lunt, I too would
like a cheesburger.