Friday, March 17, 2006

Alone again ... naturally

Well, here it is, Friday night. I'm home and the wife is out. She gets to go out from time to time because she's in charge. I got to go out on a Friday night last year, at the end of my first year of law school. That was nice of her.

But tonight, she's out again. She's at a party with a coworker. This means that I get to stay home and watch the children. I love my kids, and I enjoy spending time with them, but sometimes my child-patience level breaches - wait, I mean overtops. That seems to be the case tonight. I need a vacation, and I'm on vacation. Go figure.

Tomorrow I get to go back to school and pick up my texts for A&P and Pro Res., so I can make sure I'm read up on both of those, as well. There's a fine way to end spring break, I can't wait!


Kirsten said...

Hey now, my vacation consisted of being home all day with all three kids and my parents while you got to escape to school.... You got quiet time alone with your thoughts for several hours every day all week long.... Hmmmm.

Some day we will have a vacation by ourselves, without the rugrats. Of course we will be too old to enjoy it by then. ;-)

Cassie said...

Steve, I have a hard time believing that Kirsten doesn't ever let you go out. And I'm sure she doesn't get out alone as much as you make it seem.

Kirsten, you guys send the kids here for a week and take a vacation, whether that means going on a cruise or to Hawaii or just sleeping in past 5am. It'll be fun. Don't worry about putting us out, it's ok, we'll be sure to reciprocate by leaving Jack with you for a week.

Bookworm said...

Of all the jobs I've had, the hardest has been caring for my children. I envy your wife her night off; I "feel your pain" when you get a bit too much kid energy headed your way.