Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday is Haiku Day

I might have a job
And then again, I might not

I look forward to your submissions!


English Professor said...

Burke, Aristotle,
Walzer, Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, Fish.
Exams must come soon!

Michelle said...

My Birthday here at last
Forty Three years has passed quick

nuje said...

I always forget
To write haiku on Wednesday.
And also shower.

kevin said...

my interviewee
babbled just like a river
can't recommend him

Kirsten said...

Well, since you didn't do your post on haiku until late in the day's the one I prepared but couldn't post because I left it on my desk at work:

It's Wednesday, so here
Is my haiku about tax
And the law for you.

BTW--Congrats!!!!! :-)

Bookworm said...

The heck with a submission from me (can't do haiku, no matter how simple others claim it to be). I just think it's exciting that there's the possibility of a job on the horizon. Law school only goes so far -- it's the work place that really teaches you to think like a lawyer.