Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I used to believe

When I was a child, I knew monsters lived in my room - as most kids do. My monsters weren't the sharpest marbles in the bag though. You see, they couldn't see me if I was under my covers; they could only see the parts of me exposed from under the blankets.

I used to believe that Michigan had unique garbage trucks that no other state had. I was so surprised and excited to see a "Michigan" garbage truck at McChord AFB in Washington.

There are plenty more "I used to believes," but that's a good start. For a better start, my friend Angie pointed me to this website:, which is filled with memories of what today's grown-ups believed as children. It's worth it just to remember a little more of what childhood was like, and how the mind makes the misunderstood magical.


Cassie said...

I used to believe (courtesy of my DB) that if you poured water from one cup to another a few times it became "Water Scotch" and if I drank it I would get drunk.

English Professor said...

Similar to Cassie, I used to believe that you could get high from taking two aspirins and drinking a Coke.

I also believed that "Frontage Road" was an incredibly popular name for a street, as almost every town I passed on the freeway had one.