Friday, March 31, 2006

It's gettin' hot in here

And our A/C is not working. The heat is annoying enough, but it's painfully humid, as well. We'll put in the work order tomorrow, I think, and hope that someone shows up then, if not, then on Monday.

I remember in the Barracks at Osan, the rule was that the base wouldn't turn on the A/C in the spring until there were five consecutive days of 80+ degree weather. The exceptions were the barracks for the Civil Engineering squadron, and the ones who got the A/C turned on first when it was time were the ones who were in good with the CE folks, so needless to say, everyone was buddying up with the CE people as best they could.

I also remember that our barracks were right next to the Security Forces Barracks, and they didn't believe in such little things as 24 hour quiet hours (a base staple for barracks) or various other things. It's not like anyone would enforce the rules against them for such trifles, inasmuch as they were the ones to whom you complained. It was a real pain when you were on Mids and trying to go get some rest. Rotating schedules aren't fun, and are less fun when you can't sleep.

I miss parts of Korea, but not the dorm life.

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Michelle said...

Your old barracks sounds like my daughters school! It must be 90dgs for 2 days straight before the airconditioning is switched on. Fortunately in Summer we have 90 days straight of 90 plus temps!