Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random Trivia

Senator McCarthy once stated that the paper he held out during his famous "communist" speech was nothing more than a laundry list.

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Bookworm said...

I heard a story that I can't track down about some famous political leader (Roosevelt? Churchill?) being asked to give a speech about predicted economic outcomes of some policy. His advisors told him he couldn't, because there was no way to run the numbers in time for the meeting. Indeed, it could take years. Come the speech, the leader wowed them. He was throwing out numbers left and right, and it sounded so good. Afterwards, one of his advisors approached him: "How did you do that?" Said that leader, "I made it up. I figured that, if it would take years to assemble the numbers, they'd probably all be different by the time they're assembled anyway, so no one could call me on it."