Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Surgeons in Pakistan operated on a 2 month old infant to remove two fetuses that were growing inside her. The doctors said that it was absically a case of triplets, where two of the fetuses just happened to grow inside the third. It's abnormal, but it happens occasionally (approx. 1 in 500,000 is what the article says regarding the odds). These particular fetuses were reported as partially grown and weighed a total of about two pounds. They also reportedly died at four months.


Bellejar said...

Just read this in the news. CRAZY.

Michelle said...

Wow how bizarre.

Cassie said...

I saw a program on The Learning Channel about a woman who was pregnant, went into labor, went to the hospital, heard another woman screaming about the pain and decided she wanted to go home. She went home and never had the baby. Turns out it was an ectopic pregnancy and that is the reason the labor never progressed and the baby wasn't born. They delivered the mummified fetal remains 40 years later. This happened in Indonesia I believe.