Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday is Haiku Day

Some week! Kid won't sleep
Coursework growth, aunt is dying
I might quit blogging.

As always, I look forward to your submissions!


Cassie said...

Some week! Kid is sick.
Whose aunt is dying? You quit
blogging? Sure, get real.

Kirsten said...

Sudden office move:
Phone lines, movers, build-out. Yikes!
Much too much to do.

Bellejar said...

Mommy is sick here
No one is here to cook soup
Think we need grandma?

Matthew said...

I can manage if you have to cut back, but don't quit blogging.

English Professor said...

Sick here of grading.
Where is the reason, logic?
Watch prof bang her head.

Michelle said...

Some week! Sick of cyclone
wind,rain, behind in assignments
No time for blogging

btw, don't you dare quit blogging!

nuje said...

Some weak, skinny arms
Some wreak, new book I'm reading
Some week, why stop blogging