Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What about us?!

While the more popular nations of the "axis of evil" receive the majority of the press time, what with continued instability in Iraq and hints and accusations of possible civil war, and nuclear posturing and chest puffing and staredowns with Iran, North Korea once again does what it can to keep its name at least on page 2.

From Yahoo!:

North Korea fired two short-range, SAMs near its border with China on Wednesday in what appeared to be a test...

According to the article, a "western military source" indicated that the missiles landed in the of Japan, about 60 miles northeast of the launch site.

Of course, this location for a landing of missiles launched by North Korea makes sense. NK knows that China is the closest thing to an ally that they have right now, so they're not going to shoot anything toward the Chinese Border and accidentally hit anything or give the impression that they're getting "pushy."

They're not going to shoot missiles south, toward South Korea. Not even the fan-death believing DPRK is that dumb.

That pretty much only leaves the SOJ.

Anyone can speculate the reason for the test launch, and there are plenty of plausible reasons, but I think the most likely one is that it gets them back in the news again with a newsworthy act, but not one so egregious that it would spur any real dialogue on containing the country.

Ahh, DPRK - You need a new leader, and a Taco Bell.

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