Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Queen of the Silver Screen

I broke down and spent money today. I've been really good at not spending money, but I've had no CD player in my car for over a year now, and I need a change from listening to a 1993 4-track recording of the Anachronauts.

So I bought a CD player and a Rolling Stones CD. I dig the old music, Stones, Kinks, YardBirds, etc. I actually prefer the Stones to the Beatles. I think the Beatles probably had much more influence on the evolving Rock Sound, but I think the Stones perform better - I could see spending money to see a stones concert more easily than I could have seen spending money for a beatles concert. That's not to say I wouldn't go see the Beatles... just given a choice of the two, I'd take the Stones. Even today in their Night of the Living Dead look.

Rumour has it if there's ever a nuclear war, the only survivors will be Cockroaches...
And Keith Richards.


Weary Hag said...

Well stated.

I don't have a CD player in my old rattle-trap and to add insult to injury, my radio indicator light went out about three months ago, leaving me to guess what station I'm tuned in to. Forget about scanning ... I never know where I've wound up. I've taken up singing in the truck ... LOUDLY. This way here, I can drown out the sounds of the sirens as cops attempt to pull me over.

Your summary of Beatles vs. Stones was PERFECT. I couldn't agree more.

English Professor said...

I saw George Harrison in concert once--"My Sweet Lord" days. My husband saw the Stones way back when, and I would pay money to see them today.

Were you a reader of the old Bloom County? It did a great riff on the Stones coming to town to play a benefit concert for the local school.

Gramma said...

I can't bear to listen to the Beatles any more. Not after two years of it every hour of the day, although I do like Paul up to a point.

Cockroaches and Keith Richards. That's funny!