Friday, March 03, 2006

Being a grown-up

Michael Brown received a lot of flack from a lot of people after the disaster with Katrina. Newly released videos now show that perhaps he was one of few individuals who did what he could to try to care for the situation. While President Bush appeared to be asleep at the wheel, Michael Brown apparently was trying to wake everyone up to the scale that the disaster could reach. (We can discuss the Blanco video later, I find it interesting that these videos were non-existent until the White House needed them to rebut damning videos.)

One site, The Moderate Voice, took the big step, and Joe Gandelman apologized. He apologized on his blog, clearly and loudly. This is something that more of us need to do. Michael Brown received flak that should be reserved for many others, and he took it on the chin better than most could. Not only that, but he took the grand step of actually addressing Mr. Gandelman via comments, and accepting Joe's apology.

Mr. Brown, I too apologize. Comments that I made and thought were inappropriate and premature. I don't anticipate you'll read this little corner of the web, but I want to get the apology out, as well.

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