Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mmmmmmmeatloaf! Again!

After some rescheduling due to administrative error, Red Hot Mamma and I were finally able to get together at Polonia for some good ol' Polish food. It was as good as I remembered it. My wife and I took her parents there last summer and really enjoyed it. It was definitely as good as I remembered it.

Now, I might be a moderate/center left politically, but mentally I'm an old fashioned republican - I fear change. Therefore, I got the pork meat loaf, again. Let me tell you, pork meat loaf mightn't sound that tasty, but then again, so many things that are really good don't necessarily sound that good. Like Manicotti, or ham hocks, or lumpia, or goulash. Then again, there are some foods that taste as bad as the sound, like dinuguan, or poshintang, or okra, or liver and onions. And then there's the stuff that sounds good but tastes bad, like Sweetbreads, Rocky Mountain Oysters, etc. Anyway, the pork meat loaf was as good as I remembered it. And this time, for the lunch special, they included pea soup. This is something I would classify as a dish that tastes much better than it sounds. After all, who would want to drink pea (sic)? But it was really good, and I recommend anyone who is interested try it.

RHM had the pierogi, which is always a good choice at a Polish restaurant. And I managed to convince her to try the schmaltz, which is an acquired taste, to be sure. All in all, I would rate this as a good meal and a great chance to talk with a good friend. 4 stars.


heatherfeather said...

lumpia doesn't so much sound bad as read poorly...

if it were spelled loompia, perhaps it would sound better.

but, by golly it's good.

Gramma said...

When are you going to take me there to eat?! said...

Okay, a little clarification is called for here. You didn't convince me to try to schmaltz, you tricked me. For the record, here's how it went:

Steve: Try the schmaltz.
Heather: What's schmaltz?
S: It's schmaltz. Try it.
H: Ha. Ha. What's in it?
H puts a little schmaltz on her bread. Just as it hits her mouth, S says: "Bacon lard."
H gags.

Steve said...

hf - When I read Loompia, I think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for some reason.

Gramma - when you come out to visit next.

RHM - I wouldn't say tricked, because that makes me sound mean. I asked you to try it, and you did. I didn't suggest it was good; I never said you'd like it. My conscience is clear!

And don't tell me you wouldn't try to get manchild to try it.