Saturday, March 11, 2006

Kaboom, the evening edition

We took the inlaws to the Battleship Texas. It was great. The kids had a blast, mother in law had fun, and father in law really enjoyed the whole thing. The kids always enjoy the trip. I understand it's a popular school field trip destination, as well. I can imagine children getting tired of going to see the battleship every year, but I rather enjoy it. I got to take a tour of the Mighty Mo when it was in Bremerton back in the early '80s, and I toured the Pampanito (WW2 Submarine, and the sub they used to film Down Periscope) when I was in California. There's just such an awesome feeling to tour those old ships.

When I took a trip to Massachussetts, we went to Plymouth and I got to take a tour of the Mayflower II, a full scale reproduction of the original Mayflower (which is no longer available). That was another really interesting trip.


Gramma said...

Did you mean the original Mayflower is no longer available? Or did you mean the tour of the Mayflower II is no longer available?

Cassie said...

I remember when you went to Plymouth, you brought back a stone and gave it to me. You said you thought I'd like to have the Plymouth rock.