Monday, March 27, 2006

Good thing, Bad thing

Yesterday we went to the bookstore, where I bought a new book - De Tocqueville - Selections from Democracy in America. This is considered one of the premiere studies on the sociology of democracy - an excellent book, well worth reading.

This morning, I got downstairs, then had to go upstairs to get the daughter out of bed so she could get ready for school, on the way up, I hit the landing, where the stairs turn around, and I feel something cold and wet slide between my toes. The cat picked the perfect spot to throw up.

In the meantime, the kids were ten minutes late for school - daycare for the youngest two, so it doesn't matter, and we ensure that the Boy is at least 15 minutes early in the mornings, so even when we are late, we're not late. OK, by we, I mean me. The wife tends to think of arrival times as suggestions as to when you should start preparing to go (I'm kidding honey! I love you!).

I hope today doesn't turn out to be cat puke in my toes all day, that wouldn't be fun.


English Professor said...

Ick! I hope the day gets much, much better.

Bellejar said...

De Tocqueville - Selections from Democracy in America. Don't you have enough heavy reading for lawschool. I could barely read outside of class when I was in lawschool. The only exception was Harry Potter.

Hope your day got brighter!