Friday, June 02, 2006

Busy busy Bumblebee

Today was my first day going to court, and I went to a few of them.

First, I had to drive to the court complex downtown. Complex is a good word.
Then I had to go to the district court, which is in the civil courthouse. I did this one first because it was right next to where I parked. Filing suit is a lot easier than it might seem. You walk up to the clerk, give them the papers, give them a check, stand there for a while and then take the receipt and the file copy. (the steps prior to actually filing are a bit more inclusive, to be sure).

Then I went to the family courthouse. The thought of the family courthouse makes me sad. All those divorces, dirty laundry, people bickering over trifles, fighting over who gets to love the kids more (i.e. see the kids more often), etc. I know good things happen at the family courthouse, like adoptions, as well, but... Anyway, I had to go file a petition for a name change, then I had to take the petition up to the courtroom to check on a couple things THEN I had to go to another courtroom where I got there right in time for docket call, which was great.
Then I had to go back to the civil courthouse and file suit in the County civil court, which is different than district court. THEN I had to go up to probate to file letters of administration.

All in all, it didn't take nearly as long as I'd hoped, and I had a lot of fun running through the courthouses. Good times!


Hannelie said...

So true Steve, family court is a sad sad place. Unfortunately I am currenlty in a custody battle and was considering posting about it or not.
Something like, older kids don't want to live with their dad and he don't care and the judge needs to rule.
I hate it, it makes me feel like a bad mom but there is nothing I can do, ex don't want to be cooperative, just abusive.

Gramma said...

I've been in courtrooms a few times, but it wasn't all that much fun. Maybe it's different when it's a taste of your new career. You do sound enthusiastic, so, you go, Steve!

Michelle said...

I have have worn a track running from our Magistrates court through to our County court! On the whole they're really not such great places to be in, but hey, it's a living :o)