Saturday, June 17, 2006


My boss called me into her office yesterday to go over a PSI packet that we need to finish by Monday. I came in and we started going over everything, then she told me I looked really tired. I agreed that I felt tired, and we continued talking about the packet. A couple minutes later, the color drained from my face and I got really faint. I asked my boss if we could hold off just a moment, and she was fine with that. We decided that I was just too exhausted to finish work yesterday, so she sent me home an hour and a half early, which is nice since I came in an hour early yesterday and the day before. So to make up for going home early, my boss told me to come in today for an hour to work on the psi packet some more.

This packet is important, so I'm not complaining, but I did kind of want a two day weekend this week. Oh well, my replacement starts on Monday, and I've got two weeks left until the end. We'll see what happens there. Anyone who wants to have us and the kids nearby better start looking for a job for me and the wife after I graduate.


Michelle said...

Take it easy Steve, have a very restful vacation :o)

Matthew said...

I know an attorney in Conroe who is good about taking on young attorneys. You could submit your résumé to him.

Cassie said...